She's water.

...Drive in to her and she’ll soothe you with the gentle sway of her currents...

Hello! By birth, my name is Jasemine Knowles. However, nowadays, as an author, blogger, award-winning journalist, designer, and writer of all things steamy, taboo, and erotic, I go by two very distinct monikers. Nailah, for my self-help books--and Sage Monreaux for my new fiction tales.

Besides all things deliciously romantic and erotic, I am continuously on the prowl for all that not only tantalizes the spirit and empowers the mind, but also things that improve my love life with myself. Which means, getting a grapple on my relationships, not only with others, but with me, myself, and I. Along the way, I’ve decided, what better more to share the things I’ve learned with other women? Right? Right. After all, power is gained by sharing the knowledge, not hoarding it and I believe women, although we are the most intelligent, beautiful, resilient creatures on God’s green earth, can sometimes be oblivious to it. Due to the fact, I’ve launched this here site on self-love, sex, dating, and, relationships--and everything else in between. My goal is to spin spellbinding reads that'll help women learn ways to snatch their happy/groove back better then Stella. okay!



She's a Skilled Designer

I couldn’t be more honored to design some of the most interesting and innovative author brands to come out. 

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