Sex Talk | Where's My G-spot?

I love talking sex. Especially with my girls. It’s just something about being able to talk freely amongst folks who won’t judge and who are understanding, and more than oft can give great tips.

Today’s topic highlights the elusive G spot, which is and should be every guy’s holy grail. I’m telling you. Some men will search and search, and dick you down (or sometimes finger ya down) deeper and harder because they want to be the guy who gave you the most AH-mazing orgasm of your life. The only problem with this is, they don’t do their research, so they have no friggin’ idea what they’re prodding when they have their fingers stretching you open like you’re the rear end of a raw chicken primed for roasting!

As usual, if you want something done properly ladies, do it your-fucking-self, and then guide your clueless lover, and if I may say, lazy-ass bloke in the right direction. We want fuck-filling sex. We’re tired of men getting off and we’re left with a wet cooter and nothing to show for it.

Just to make life a little easier for you, because us girls have to stick together, I have done the research and I am ready to educate…

What is this ‘G Spot you speak of Nailah?

Apparently, it is a bean-shaped spongy area of erectile tissue, located about two inches up on your front vaginal wall, that swells when blood rushes to it and makes you feel oh so gooood!

There’s an annoying debate as to whether or not it exists, but what do scientists know? How dare they try to take away our pleasure spot and makes us look like fools… if there are women out there experiencing these G Spot orgasms, I for damn sure want a piece of it! Okay!

And so do you. So let’s get started.

How to Find Your G Spot

INSIDER INFORMATION: Your G Spot is practically invisible unless your body is in a sexual state of anticipation – you have to be turned on!

I laughed out loud when I read a report while doing my research stating that scientists had not found any evidence of the existence of the G Spot when dissecting the corpse of an elderly female. What?!

The G Spot is made of erectile tissue, which means it doesn’t stiffen up and become ridged until your body is getting all horny and ready for sex. So if you or your guy is having a feel, give yourself a head-start with some 12-play first (in other words, have him lick the clit or something else that gets your aroused!).

Because of where the G Spot is situated, locating the spot by yourself may prove to be a challenge. It’s only about two inches up your front vaginal wall, which is the same side as your belly button, but the angle can make it tricky. You can get special-shaped toys for G Spot stimulation, but if you got a boo thang, involve him in this discovery.

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing the pleasure and intimacy of someone else slipping his fingers through the moist, sensitive lips of your vagina… exploring deeper, and deeper whilst nibbling on your nipple, and oh hello! So this is what all the fuss is about!

Get him to face you as you lie back with your legs open. No girls, this isn’t a mission of modesty. Once you are nicely lubricated get him to insert the entire length of his longest finger slowly into your vagina, with his carefully trimmed nail facing downwards.

Then ask him to curve his finger and bring it down back towards the opening of your vagina, feeling along the front wall as he goes, until he comes across an area of skin that feels different from the rest.

It may feel ridged or slightly spongy. His finger will already be in a position that is asking you to ‘come hither’, all he needs to do is keep asking you to ‘come’, rubbing this spot with the tip of his finger, until you do! Not forgetting to stimulate all your other pleasure zones to intensify the experience, this is where men need to learn the importance of multi-tasking. You betta teach him sumthin!

When he first touches the spot you may react with surprise or pleasure, but this won’t be the same for all women. The G Spot is located within the vagina wall, not on the surface, so depending on the person, the thickness of the wall will affect how sensitive you are to being touched there.

DID YOU KNOW? Many women don’t begin to enjoy G Spot pleasure until later on in life. The reason for this is that as a woman gets older, her Oestrogen levels decrease, which means that the walls of her vagina get thinner, allowing more access to G Spot stimulation.

Oestrogen levels don’t start to decrease until your early to mid-thirties, so if you are younger than this and finding it difficult to get any pleasure when playing with your G Spot, it might just be because the walls of your vagina are too thick for effective stimulation.

Ask your guy to stimulate your G Spot with a firm ‘tapping’ motion. If you are not feeling much, ask him to apply more pressure. It can help for him to gently massage the area on the outside of your body with his other hand that is directly parallel – I’m talking about the hairy area just above your pubic bone. This can intensify the effect.

You should bear in mind that not every woman is G Spot sensitive. Sometimes you can use a combination of G Spot stimulation, clitoral pleasure and even anal stimulation to intensify your clitoral orgasms.

You might be pleasantly surprised by the results! Experiment by yourself after you’ve had a bath, for an evening of naughty and intense self-pleasure discovery… trust me, you’re going to have a Eureka moment… or several!

Other ways your man can stimulate your G Spot may include rubbing in an alternative direction. Every woman is different and you might find that a ‘window-sweeping’ motion touches spaces that produce more pleasure for you.  Get him to experiment with your toys too.

You can buy G Spot vibrators and dildos that you can hold while he focuses on your clit, nipples and the other less obvious erogenous zones. It’s all about mixing it up, and trying out new things. (I’ll of course will be doing a blog about these things in the near future).

Are you blessed with a guy who has an upward bending erection? A curved dick? Ooh you lucky devil! No wonder you walk around with that silly smug grin plastered to your face.

I probably don’t need to tell you that a curved penis is more likely to rub up against your G Spot during sex. I bet you’re having flashbacks too…moving right along lol.

Here are some ways you can improve your chances of a G Spot orgasm during sex…

  1. If you’re a missionary kinda gal, prop up those hips with a pillow underneath your ass. His manhood should slide in and deliciously rub that upper wall where your G Spot is!
  2. Learn how to clench and release your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you use to stop and start the flow of urine when you go for a pee). You can intensify your ability to have G Spot orgasms by doing your Kegel exercises daily.
  3. Have sex with him entering from behind. Doggie-style is a good one for this. And he can use his hands by reaching underneath you to stimulate your clit and nipples too! Don’t let him forget to play during sex…

I Feel Like I’m Going to Pee!

God forbid! But it’s true, the stimulation of your G Spot may give you a sudden urge to get off the bed and dash to the toilet.

This is perfectly normal, and if it happens to you – hooray because you have just found your G Spot! Why does this happen? Well, it’s not necessarily because you need to urinate. Your G Spot is within the same area as your urethral tube, so pressing it can also stimulate that urge to pee. If your bladder is empty you don’t have to worry though, so make sure you relieve yourself beforehand, and then you will be able to lose these inhibitions during sex.

The feeling can also come from the fact that stimulation of the G Spot causes it to fill up with a liquid that some women are able to push out when they orgasm – the female ejaculation or ‘squirting’. Ahhhhh!et

Well that’s it for today girlies. I’m wishing you all a #HAPPYFRIYAY and hopefully, you get to spend your weekend exploring your womanly orifices with your lover, or by yourself.

Nailah loves stories, so if you’ve ever had a guy stimulate your g-spot, and are comfortable sharing, sound off below!


Photo credit: Petite Luxures @petitesluxures (instagram)

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