For Girls Afraid to Love | Read This.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’m officially back and will be tackling topics most women are either dealing with and too afraid to admit it — or women who are dealing but have no idea on how to navigate their life while undergoing a storm.

I’ve endured multiple storms in my life—some I’m still weakly holding up arm to shield myself from drowning in the hard rain, however, like all things that are good and worthy, it takes time.

Today’s topic highlights being afraid to love. If you’ve been paying attention to my most recent Facebook and Instagram posts, then you know ya girl has a book on the way, okay! If you didn’t know, now you do winks face* and today’s topic tackles one topic of interest within my upcoming book…

Being afraid to open yourself up to love.


Let’s get skin deep here for a moment…

So, you gave your heart away a time or two before, and you ended up with nothing. So now you’re on guard. You keep telling yourself you’re stronger than that. You keep telling yourself that you must protect your soft, big, beautiful heart. So you do whatever you can to not travel down that damned rocky ass road again.

I know so many women singing this song.

Of course…You want to fall in love again. Who doesn’t want a soulmate, a life partner?

You want to open, to trust, to let someone in. But you’re holding back. You keep men at arm’s length. You push away anything that closely resembles affection because you don’t want to take the risk. You’ve shied away from relationships, from connections, from anything deep or true because you’re scared. You don’t want to be hurt again.

One of the main things i tackle in my upcoming title: Escape With Me, is shattering the belief that love doesn’t belong to you because of past misfortunes.

But what you don’t realize—and this is a lesson my main character Daisy Ford ran into (this is by no means a spoiler)—is that in keeping yourself from any type of connection with another person, you’re only hurting and isolating yourself. You’re really keeping yourself guarded and bitter and alone.


Listen love. Your strong, sensitive soul is worthy of love. And worthy of the right person, the right time, the right situation that will bring you happiness instead of pain.

Just because you’ve hurt before doesn’t mean that is all you will see from this point forward. You have to let go of the past and let yourself try again. You have to believe in the possibility of love, and not be so frightened by it.

You have to take baby steps forward, slowly peeling back your layers. You have to open yourself instead of hide.

Because love is waiting for you, girl, once you decide to reach for it. 

Choose to face that fear head on!

If you have a story to share about shattering your hardened shell to step out into the dating world again, please help fellow sisters below by sharing tips and advice on how to navigate the dating scene.

As always,