Escape with Me | An Erotic Romance

Falling in love and dating is hard enough, but can you imagine the added stress and heartache of loving someone with a fatal illness? The uncertainty of it all, never knowing if this day may, in fact, be your last day together.

Enter Scene Daisy Ford, who’s catered her whole life to one thing: being miss independent. Working as the top mathematician at her company and reeling in more zeroes than she can count, she’s never had any real time to slow down and focus on love…until she’s diagnosed with a terminal illness.

So what does a sick, young, desperate, single girl do with her life now? Now that she’s a self-proclaimed, ticking time bomb? She packs up her things and decides to mark off her Black Girl Bucket List, deciding that love just wasn’t in the cards for her...yet travel was. But then, she meets him again...and all of sudden, her plans are thwarted.

Hosea Hartfield is just getting over a divorce and looking for a change of pace. On a trip to a tropical island to celebrate his friend’s marriage to mentally escape, he runs into her and instantly, all of his old feelings came flooding back.

For her, he was the one who broke her heart, causing her to never love another again…

For him, she was the one that got away, causing him to regret ever losing her…

What do you do when the one that got away comes back? What if you had the chance to rekindle the romance that you fervently longed for?

With their love on borrowed time, would this new budding couple collapse under the strain of sickness or will it bring them closer than ever before?