Bows & Arrows - Single Woman Chronicles Part 1

Almost every perma-single woman has had the taunt, “Atleast, I have a man!” throw in their face at least once. Living in today’s patriarchal society, women who are single are viewed as incomplete. This rings true for Noemi Brooks, who’s always in constant need of reassurance that she is beautiful, valued, and loved by the opposite sex.

As a flight attendant who drifts more in-between men than she does within the skies—Noemi is what one would call, a boyfriend-girl. You know—the girl who can’t seem to avoid having a boyfriend at all times. As soon as she’s out of the last relationship, she’s on the hunt for the next.

A boyfriend isn’t the only thing she seeks. Noemi wants love, and one that will last. Unfortunately, however, all she gets are the same meaningless hookups that end with her heart smashed.

When her best friend, Juelle, a sex, dating, and relationship coach attempts to intervene, suggesting that she go on a self-searching journey on how to master being single--a lone flight to unravel the mystery within an unsuspecting pink envelope she found in her mailbox after her latest breakup--has Noemi wanting to revert back into her old ways.

Will Noemi find who she is outside of a relationship or will Cupid’s bows and arrows continue to get the best of her?


Jasemine Knowles