For Girls Who Are Dancing With Anger

Today, I'm going to talk about something I've been trying to unpack for yeaaaaaarrrssss. Again, this blog posting may be longer than usual (and I'm naturally long-winded, so I want to thank those brave people in advance who will read this blog in its entirety). Also, I'm writing purely from a stream of consciousness. Meaning, there may be typos and moments that may skip around lol, but the message will still be clear. Now, let’s dive in…

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Key Takeaway After Reading the #BetweenLoveSeries (MAJOR KEY)

One Key Takeaway I want all of you to receive whenever reading a SAGE book is FORGIVENESS. 

I mean really learning how to forgive, let go, and move on. 

It's something I've been struggling with and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore.

It's also something surprisingly...I didn't realize I had been writing about all along in my books! Crazy right...but not all the way crazy. 

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For Girls Who Are Learning How to Love Thyself

Want to know a secret on this good Friday? SIDENOTE: This blog is going to extremely candid and transparent.

 I used to think it was all hoopla. bullshit. The self-love thing. I mean, it all sounded so vain. Like it was an excuse for women who never married to save face. So, I ignored that part of my life and kept it moving. The fucked up thing about that is, it took me looking for that "love" in all the wrong places. Asshole scumbags, worthless friends, and family members who didn't know or quite understand my needs. Didn't quite know how to pour into me the love I desired and so desperately wanted...

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Jasemine Knowles
For Colored Girls Who Suffer in Silence...

Suicide is ever prevalent. People are committing suicide because they feel that the world would be better off without them in it. The things they're currently enduring are too overwhelming to bear. Today, it's been on my heart to speak about this topic because I've been there and know what it's like to not live anymore. It's why I birth characters like INDIGO KIDANE AND AIRIS HAYES, who too, have had thoughts of suicide.

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#SageSundays Read This if You're Having Trouble Forgiving...

Listen, I done heard every cliché that exists about forgiveness. "Forgive and let that hurt go", "If you don't forgive, you're blocking your blessings," are just a few adages and pieces of advice that grind my gears with a purple passion. Mostly because I’ve scoured my way through the literature. I’ve read every blog post about letting go of anger. I’ve written down Buddha quotes and stuck them on post-its to my wall…

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