Introduction to the #BetweenLoveSeries

Grandma had once told me, “the easy part is falling.” Funny, how twelve years, plenty f’boys, shed tears, and broken hearts later, I’ve come to fully understand just what that means.

Countless times, I stayed up late, staring up at the ceiling trying to pinpoint it, to snatch it up by its collar and force it to reveal itself and all along, it has been under my nose this whole time.

I mean, nothing about it is logical. Nothing about it makes any sort of sense, truly.

All I know is, the easy part is the beginning, when everything’s silly and light, new and exciting. The easy part is when the overwhelming joy of love overcomes the fear of it. It’s easy to fall in deeply into the sea of intimacy, but how do you keep it…is the truest question of all, and also the most challenging.

How do you fight that terrifying feeling that you’re going to mess it all up? How do you enjoy the feeling of falling when you’re simultaneously worrying about whether or not this will all end, that this incredible thing you’re experiencing won’t last? How do you know if what you feel isn’t completely and totally, and utterly one-sided?

I’m talking about that four-letter word that comes in many forms and yet, people just can’t seem to get right. Why? It comes without rules or any guidelines to follow because once you fall into it, everything else is out of your control. To love is to risk. Risk of pain. Risk of heartbreak. Risk of security and stability and all that you’ve built up to protect yourself, suddenly being destroyed.

Sometimes it is a beautiful risk. It’s a worthy risk. It’s a complex and messy and filling and incredibly wonderful risk that we willingly take—sometimes more than once—when, we find someone whose heartbeat matches our own. Other times, it could be the worst mistake of your life, causing you more hurt than you bargained for, leaving you stuck between love and a hard place. No one knows this more than the multiple characters within the Love’s Hangover series who all slowly discover the inexplicable nature of that four-letter-word and its difficulties that come with it.

First book to the series is being released this Thursday on May 10th! Stay Tuned!!!

Update! Now available on AMAZON! Click Here to Read!

Jasemine Knowles