Three Reasons Why You Should Read the #BetweenLoveSeries if You've Ever Been...

Broken-hearted, pained, disrespected, stuck between love and a hard place, used, abused, had your fair share of fuck-boys, mentally struggling, and broken...

Here's why:

In my undergraduate years attending Texas Southern University, through a turn of events (breakups, getting horribly played by someone I really liked, finding out my grandmother had cancer and was in and out of the hospital) I found myself waking up in sweat, undergoing horrific panic attacks, and unrelenting chest pains. It was so bad, sometimes I found it difficult to swallow. I felt like my chest was closing in all the time and I couldn't shake this overwhelming shadow of anxiety looming over me all the time. 

To make the long story short...because I'm naturally long-winded and my friends and family sometimes loathe when I go into specific detail (what can I say, I'm a storyteller)....anyway, it took me having a panic attack in class (something that never happened before) and my professor escorting me outside for fresh air for me to realize that something's gotta change and that I needed to do something to stop myself from having these embarrassing ass episodes.

My professor suggested I seek counseling and I couldn't have agreed more. A few days later, I found myself seated in an emerald green chair, staring across my therapist's desk into her warming brown eyes as I poured out my soul. I had decided that if I was going to do counseling, I was going to be truthful about everything I'd been feeling in order to remedy what was currently happening. Let's just say(without going into full details of my life), she eventually diagnosed me with PTSD and anxiety and prescribed me medication. When I tell you those meds had me feeling on cloud nine. I was in another zone...planet much so that it scared me how well the pills had made all of my panic attacks, chest pains, and night sweats, even the anxiety-ridden thoughts had disappeared all by me popping a daily pill. Too scary.

I found myself marching back into my therapist's office and demanding that I do something else. I needed to because the way the pills had me feeling...I knew I'd become addicted to them, and the last thing I wanted was to be some pill-popper! Okay! I begged her to help me find a new outlet to get over the pain, the hurt, the anguish that I constantly felt that consumed my life like a hurricane. She riddled off some ideas, exercising, eating better, and reading and writing....and it was then that I took up journaling my experiences to help clear my mind...and thus, two years later: Between Love and a Hard Place was born!

My main character in the series, Indigo Kidane, and I have a lot of similarities. Not so much the physical..but very much so the emotional. And writing her story has helped me work out some of the uglies in my life that I haven't yet grown through...some I'm still managing.

ONE: You need to read the #BetweenLoveSeries if you're looking for an outlet.

I've said all of this to say that if you're experiencing something painful in your life, I wish I could say the darkness is something you will encounter just once in your life. I wish that wherever you go you only find joy. I wish that suffering doesn’t drain your soul for long. I wish the best and only the best for that lovely, lonely heart of yours. But the truth is, life is unkind to us all. We find cruel people sometimes. We find toxic humans and fall in love with them. Sometimes we are the toxic humans being we have lost who we truly are. So this BOOK was written for you if you find yourself lost and need a reminder that....


TWO: You can survive and withstand anything.

How do I know this? Because despite everything that has ever happened to you, here you are today. You have conquered every single one of those moments of absolute loss. These seconds where the light feels so distant you will not ever see it again. The days you have spent wandering in the abyss have been rewarded before and they will be rewarded again. Trust and believe this!


THREE: You're going to heal from this...and it's going to be glorious!

How do I know this? Because I have had several such periods where I genuinely thought the phantoms of my tragedies were going to strangle me and take me down. Where my own hands would not be able to fend them off. Where I was so lost that life seemed like a barren desert ahead of me but here I am. I am still alive. And I have survived. So you will too.

The universe and God gives you conflict and pain to help you grow into a better person. It shows you the way through its own darkness by giving you glimpses of light. It allows you to see the human being within, the goddess within,  who is made of gold, who can survive anything, who monsters and kicks fear's ass. It will guide your way to the end of the tunnel. You just have to trust it. You just have to trust your journey.

Continue to grow with me and my character Indigo by indulging in book One of the #BetweenLoveSeries that can be found by clicking HERE! Please share and leave a review. Also, don't hesitate to comment below with your thoughts or if you just need a healthy vent. This is a no judgment zone! God bless!

BTW: this candy-heart heart illustration was something I created in my Basic Illustration Class. I thought it paralleled with the topic at hand...thanks for reading!