Sneak Peek into #BetweenLoveSeries BOOK TWO

Here's a sneak peek into BOOK TWO of the #BetweenLoveSeries. Btw! Books 2-4 may be dropping this week!!


Looking out of the front window of the car, watching as the rain fell from the dark grey skies, he was lost in thought. “I still care for you,” he said. “I just can’t say that I’m in love with you anymore.”

She, on the other hand, watched him, oblivious to the thunderstorm outside or anything else in this world. She could not remember a time she stopped loving him. In spite of herself, she still did. And it hurt. Love hurts. That was the way it felt. Whoever said it didn’t, they lied like hell.

“Wha-what does that mean, Dwayne? Are you saying you’re ‘in’ love with her?”


But Airis pressed the issue. Her heart was fighting to break out of her chest. She swallowed hard and asked again. “Are you in love with her?”

“Damn it, Airis,” he exclaimed, his raised voice frightening her. Dwayne was frustrated as he banged the palm of his hand hard against the steering wheel. He was losing patience with her. “I don't think we need to be talking about her. She has nothing to do with us.”

“Then what should we be talking about?” she whispered, her voice thick, low, and strained from the weight of her emotions. She was losing her husband, her love, her one and only to some mystery tramp hoe who disgustingly went by “Caramel-Kitty” in an email. “You’d think that she was your wife the way you protect her. Obviously, you talk to her about me. She knows everything about me. I’ve seen the emails, Dwayne! Why shouldn’t I know what my husband wants more than his family? I deserve to know.” She gazed at the side of his face, choking back the tears. If someone had told her three years ago that her husband would cheat and leave her, she would have laughed and thrown a glass of red wine in your face—and probably cut you too—for disrespecting her marriage like that. But now, she couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact this was happening. That her, the girl who’s been perfect in any and everything all her life, even in her marriage—or so she thought, had come to this. Glaring at the side of his face, her eyes scanned over his unblemished walnut skin, and the groomed beard she loved to entangle her fingers in. Desperately, she hoped he would turn to look at her. She had to see his eyes.

His jaw was clenched tight, and the muscle at his temple pulsated. Despite that fact that she’d only get a glimpse of his tight jaw whenever he was angry, it used to be so sexy to her. When she was younger, she would gently kiss him there on the jaw whenever he was upset and needed comfort. She would lightly whisper in his ear to calm him down, expressing how much she loved him and would be there for him. Then, she would make it better—letting him use her body as he pleased until he was fully satiated. Now, as she reached out to touch him only for him to flinch, made her dive deeper into sadness.

Turning away in shock, she glanced at the time on the center console, “I—I guess I better go then," she said, holding the handle of the door. The tears she didn’t want to shed now steadily streamed down her cheeks and dripped off her chin, staining the black silk blouse that she wore. She would do anything for him to ask her to stay or to just hear him say that he would see her later.

He finally turned to her, raising one eyebrow. “Please do. I need to get back to the station.”

He released the door locks. The sound seemed to echo throughout the small car. To Airis, it was louder than even the rain and thunder outside. She was being dismissed. Her heart ached as she opened the door and swung her legs out of the car. Standing on the sidewalk, with no umbrella, she watched the Dodge Charger pull away from the curb and become lost in traffic.

It was the day before Valentine’s Day, and she had called him over to her job during her lunch break, in hopes of mending whatever issues there were in their marriage. They barely spoke nowadays, and all she wanted was for the following day to be full of love and not animosity with her husband. She had high hopes that things would be positive, but things took an ugly turn. In so little words, Dwayne had told her he wasn’t happy and wanted a divorce. He was giving up on her...


Author's Note: I do know there are a lot of characters to keep up with--however, you'll learn to trust me as the author and know how all of these characters are related in some way, shape, or form. Trust me, it's going to be glorious<3

Thanks as always for reading!