A Message For Writers Like Me

Words have pulled me out of some pretty deep darkness, and other words have put me down there in the first place. In every book I’ve loved, I’ve found something completely true to me written down in someone else’s hand, someone, who I never met and who doesn’t know I exist. Not only that, I believe in the power of the spaces around the words, the silence, which poetry has taught me is half the point. After spending over four years in college as an English major, it has made me too cautious, too worried about being wrong or not sounding too "academic" enough whenever I wrote something, or scared of being mocked by someone I thought was a friend for googling a word they used that I didn’t know (AND breathe). But as a writer, it’s my job to learn, my right to be curious. I’m even allowed to change my mind and make a grammar mistake of two. (Did you catch that?) And for me, the following two Atwood quotes disabuse me of pretense around my writing and inspire me to keep building, word by word. Btw, Margaret Atwood is the writer who wrote the #HandmaidsTale 


“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.”

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Reading these quotes, I feel empowered. As though, if I just keep working, I will (eventually) reach my goal. With that, have a Happy Saturday...and Happy writing to all of my writer friends! Just keep writing!